StrongHeart Recording

My studio in the earth-bermed home in Emerld Hills Montana

I grew up in Los Angeles, south central to be precise :o)

Went to school at:

Normandie, St.Bridget, Berendo, Belmont and CCOC; 

in that order.

Between the age of 17 and 45 I was a professional musician touring the US & Canada.

Some of the bands I played in where; Sky High, North, Energy, Cloud, Second Circle and

my one-hi-tech-man-band; in that order …

Between 1989 & August 2015 I lived in 

Billings Montana.

Until August of 2018 I was a resident of the metropolis of Marion :o)

My shy assistant Buddy in the Strongheart Recording Studio.

Michael North's amps, Line6, VoxAC100, Marshall DSL 2000

… love the sound of tubes. I played solid-state guitar units for a long time. They were too convenient to give up. Now that I don’t have to lug the amps around, I can’t imagine guitar-life without them.

Michael North drum set, Ludwig

This is the second Ludwig drum set I’ve owned. It broke my heart to get rid of the first one but It was just too impractical to keep it at the time. It’s great to have something to pound on again!

Give Me Space

This tune will be on the Second Set of songs; which will be published on 07-04-2020

It seems like I’ve always had a home studio of some kind.

If you’d like to see some of the other incarnations, click on this line.